A Portfolio Website That Stands The Test of Time


Paul Vick established Paul Vick Architects in 2007. Creatively bringing together forward looking technology and knowledge advances to architecture, the practice aims to deliver beautiful buildings with improved building performance to meet clients’ short and long term needs.

The previous Paul Vick website was a product of its time. The site was non responsive and gave a poor experience for mobile and tablet website users, and by only using small images, it failed to give a proper platform for the visually stunning work that the firm produce.

The called us in to resign and develop the whole website, concentrating on creating a website that gave the ideal platform for their eye-catching portfolio.


We redesigned the entire website to concentrate on utilising the visually stunning work that Paul Vick produce. We built the site using WordPress to allow the client to login and edit, update and amend their own website as they see fit. They were keen to blog and use newsletters to update clients and customers, so it was important that the backend of the site was as user friendly as the frontend.

We actually designed this website a few years ago now, but the modern design and image first structure has stood the test of time. We develop all our websites with best SEO practice to ensure that our websites not only look great, they get attention and results, too.

If you’re interested in having a portfolio website that presents your work to its full potential, please get in touch to see how we can help.