Branding Design & Development for a Growing Startup


St Anthony Recruits are a specialist recruitment service providing quality on demand staff for luxury properties and events for the UK and worldwide.

We have worked with a number of startup companies and it’s always a great honour to work with a business to design and produce all their branding to define them as a company. St Anthony Recruits called us in to create their logo, visual identity and entire website, to set them apart from their competitors in a saturated industry.


The site is a site for both candidates and corporations to access the service, complete with enhanced content fully optimised for every media device, desktop through mobile. This allows customers to view information about the services that they offer, read company information, see current vacancies and contact St Anthony Recruits through the site. The CMS allows the client to observe visitor and customer analytics, so they can feed this information back into offering the service that their customers are looking for.

We fully designed and developed the site using WordPress, concentrating on accessibility and responsive design to give an inclusive and interactive user experience. The website is designed and developed to best SEO practice in order to provide a strong foundation for building upon with PPC and paid marketing campaigns.

If you’re interested in commissioning a website that ranks well and looks great, please get in touch to see how we can help.