Clean Product & Services Site for Computer Leasing Company


Tecnico4u was established in 2012 and has since gained a respectable reputation for straightforward, affordable and reliable computer leasing and IT solutions across Essex and Hertfordshire.

Tecnico4u didn’t have a functioning website when they approached us and commissioned us to design and build a site from scratch. They needed a website that clients and customers could use to browse their wide range of products and request a quote quickly and easily.

We designed and developed a full WordPress website that is fully responsive across all devices to ensure the highest user experience for all.


The site has a modern and sleek look, complete with enhanced content fully optimised for every media device, desktop through mobile. This allows customers to view product details, company information, request a quote and contact Tecnico4u through the site. The CMS allows the client to observe visitor and customer analytics, so they can feed this information back into offering the service that their customers are looking for. We designed and developed the site using WordPress, concentrating on accessibility and responsive design to give an inclusive and interactive user experience.

The SEO results from our new design, development and content writing have been successful in increasing website visits, engagement and customer interaction. We’ve continually refined and adjusted the website in response to the analytics and results that we’ve been receiving, to ensure everything is as successful and effective as possible.

If you’re interested in commissioning a website that ranks well and looks great, please get in touch to see how we can help.