Colourful Blog Design for a Female Boss


At HE Web we are big supporters of Girl Bosses, especially when they have a strong, powerful message to share with the World. We’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of wonderful women over the last few years, helping them start, grow and expand their businesses locally and online. One of our most very favourite services that we offer is WordPress Web Design for female fronted businesses. We’re always looking for more women to work with, so if you’re looking for a female web designer or illustrator, we’d love to hear from you.

Kaylyn of The Baby Eel is a blogger from Orlando, Florida. She’s been blogging across various platforms since she was a teenager, gaining quite the internet following, but was ready to make the move to a professional WordPress Blog, and that’s where we came in.


Kaylyn commissioned us to design her a clean, colourful and professional blog; we also made the jump from Blogspot to a self-hosted WordPress website for her, a big step that announced a serious approach to her blog as a business. In order to start building a brand, we designed a logo for The Baby Eel name, choosing bright, fabulous colours that match Kaylyn’s vibrant personality.

The blog design is clean, clear and gives Kaylyn’s photographs room to breathe; which was essential for her image filled blog posts. The navigation is simple and easy to use, as we know how important accessibility is to website success. Overall, both we and Kaylyn were really happy with how the website came out, it looks great across all devices and media, is easy and straightforward to navigate and use, and provides all the functionality that Kaylyn was looking for when she commissioned us.

If you’re looking for a WordPress Website Design or WordPress Blog design or redesign, or if you’re looking for help moving to a WordPress self hosted blog, we would love to hear from you.